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Bulkhead sub-D feedthroughs
Bulkhead sub-D feedthroughs

HV Bulkhead-D feedthrough was developed for high-vacuum flat-chamber-wall applications where conventional ISO flanges are either not available, or just not practical. Our universal 90x50mm rectangular flange, the Bulkhead-D flange, accommodates standard 9, 15, 25 or 50-pin subminiature-D feedthroughs, and shares the same gasket and fastening accessories... providing simple and convenient interchangeability.

See individual products for instructions on how to prep your vacuum chamber for use with the new HV Bulkhead-D feedthroughs.

Sub-D 62 pin high density feedthrough
Sub-D 62 pin high density feedthrough

Vaqtec now offers the Vacuum Industry with a 62 Pin High Density Connector Solution. This new connector is designed and manufactured with stainless steel pins and shell. The insulation utilizes SST’s glass ceramic sealing technology providing a leak tight assembly capable for ultra high vacuum applications. The conductors are gold plated .030 inch or .7mm diameter pins with a current rating of 2 amps and voltage rating of 500 V.

High current connectors
High current connectors

Vaqtec  introduces two new series high current connector solutions. These connectors are rated for currents from    69 to 250 amps and incorporate SST’s ceramic to metal sealing technology for use in ultra high vacuum, pressure, cryogenics, and gas/plasma processing applications. Both series provide an ideal solution for high current applications which maximize ratings, safety, and the connection interface.

Airside plugs are included with all assemblies and include crimp style contacts for wire/ cable installation.

Standard assembly installation includes weldable, ConFlat® Flange, and ISO KF Flange.